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Historic Pau Grand Prix program :

True to its vocation, the Historic Pau Grand Prix will again invite the public to the finest hours of Pau Grand Prix, just one week after the Modern Grand Prix. An Historic Pau Grand Prix with seven motor racing, as F2, which will be the great guest for an eventful races on Pau racing track.



Seven motor racing :




Famous reunions !



F2 has been the Pau Grand Prix headliner continuously from 1964 to 1984. Three long decades during which the list of Pau Grand Prix winners have been completed by the names of the greatest champions of the time : Jim Clark, Jack Brabham, Jochen Rindt, Jackie Stewart, Francois Cevert, Patrick Depailler, Jacques Laffite, René Arnoux, to name but a few.


We easily understand that the F2's return in Pau 's racing track will be this year a truly event and will be warmly welcomed by the fans.


The single seaters meeting on Historic Pau Grand Prix, with a famous pedigree for the most of them, will be from the period 1967-1978 and equipped with a 1600 cc or 2000 cc engine, from case to case.

Many March, Ralt, Brabham, Chevron, Surtees which have already had their habits in the HSCC international Historic F2 serie.

It has been telling that a famous french F2, which has won Pau Grand Prix, will race…


The racing program : 40-minutes qualifying session on Saturday and two 25-minutes races on Sunday.

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In the footsteps of the greatest !



Capital step on the way to Formula 1, the Formula 3 has to be celebrated on the historic face.

Furthermore in the streets of Pau, where it is still in the spotlights with the Modern Grand Prix ! Guardian of a long history began in 1964, the F3 Classic Trophy is putting back on track this glorious single-seaters, most with a 2-0 litre engines, the ones of the period before 1986 when Martini, Ralt, and Chevron where driven by future F1 Champions.


It is not uncommun to find the true vintage single seaters on the grid of Classic F3 races, in particular the one's of Prost, Pirro, Berger, Alberto, De Angelis, Fabi, Daly, Alliot, Grouillard and so on…


Thanks to the numerous variety of its drivers the trophy will have an international taste. As in the previous editions, the sumptuous grid is boosted by competition between French pilots and neighbouring countries competitors.


The racing program : 25-minutes qualifying session on Saturday and two 25-minutes races on Sunday.


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A tribute to the endurance !



It is impossible to mention the best days of Motor Sports without Endurance races.


Just like the previous year, this international grid is dedicated to the GT/Tourism pre 1976 and pre 1966 Sports Cars (less than 2000 cm3). It is willing to tribute this precious chapter of History.


On a one-hour race format, to compete alone or with a co-drive, there will be more than a quarantine of the best cars that stood out in their day. Jaguar type E, Ferrari 365 GTB, Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Corvette, Morgan Plus 8, Alpha Romeo GTA and other Porsche 356 and 911 of all sizes, ready to race at the Pau circuit but also some famous British Sports Cars from the sixties like the Elva or Lotus.


By its intensity and its various cars, this race will be again this year one of the highlights of Historic Pau Grand Prix.


The racing program : 25-minutes qualifying session on Saturday and an only one hour race on Sunday.


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As in the days of Senna !



The Formula Ford has such a rich History that it is possible to speak about in thousands different ways.


In the case of the "Historic" Challenge, the focus is on the oldest ones. Single cars are from the beginning of the category in 1967 until 1981, it includes a variety in frames brands.

The most recent ones are not necessarily the most expected ones by drivers who primarily concerned with the rarity and the pedigree of their single-seater. Or simply, the renowned champions who had the opportunity to drive them, starting with the famous Ayrton Senna !

All these single cars are all equipped by the Ford Kent engine and have like this similar performances that make the races more competitive.


Well known at the Historic Grand Prix de Pau, the Challenge Formula Ford Historic is preparing once again to keep a leading role in the event. And as every year, with the participation of british competitors, it will be full.


The racing program : 25-minutes qualifying session on Saturday and two 25-minutes races on Sunday.


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Greatly little racing cars




There was a time when the small cylinders racing cars could have a role on the front of the stage and fill a public still inclined to support their exploits.


It is in this specific area of the small familiar racing cars, the Maxi 1000 trophy has built its success over the last twenty years.


Every car with less than 1300cm3, before 1977,find there a way to achieve prodigies, leaded by the still hard-working and numerous Mini Cooper S in which come along Alpine A110, Autins 1275 GT, Simca Rallye 2, Mini Marcos, Marca Djet and and other little racing cars.


As the past 3 years, the contest is going to be though as it seems that the Street-Circuit of Pau Ville was designed for them!


The racing program : 25-minutes qualifying session on Saturday and two 25-minutes races on Sunday.


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A great race !




Everyone remembers the great Legends Cars races in spring 2016.


These funny mini cars looking like old American cars will race at the next Pau Grand Prix and not be the last to maintain the show.


Produced from a concept born on the other side of the Atlantic, twenty years from now, Legends Cars perform since in many countries, including France where they have numerous fans. One of the reason of this success is in the design of this cars: a mix between a real tubular frame chassis and a vigorous engine borrow from the "2 wheels" world, covered by a bodywork reminding the design of an old Ford or Chevrolet from the thirties.


Like the past year, this race will be easily full, as well as racing in Pau is of interest among the Legends Cars drivers.


The racing program : 45-minutes qualifying session on Saturday and two 40-minutes races on Sunday.


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« Made in France »



Forget the Renault Classic Formula among the famous Pau Historic Grand Prix races will be to underestimate the history of french car sport. Since the beginning of the 70's, find a french champion driver who didn't succeed in, is a challenge task. From Laffite, Arnoux, Pironi to Grosjean, Vergne and others drivers, complete generations have marked the history of the Renault Classic Formula Trophy.


For 20 years, the « Classic » Trophy has been rewriting the beginning ot the history. It will be the case in Pau, where the category has this year a specific program, whose drivers will be divided in two great Renault Formula types : ones equipped with turbo engines from the 1980's and others with the next generation « atmo » 1721 cc engines, to which will join some 2 litre Ford Formula too.

As for the drivers, it will not be a surprise to find among them some leaders, full of happy with renewing this significant racing.


The racing program : 25-minutes qualifying session on Saturday and two 25-minutes races on Sunday.